Open Software Impacts Society in ways we never imagined

26 06 2007

 Actually, Blender (the open source 3D modeling and animation software) is helping prevent crime in Britain.

Here’s one simple Example:

And as obvious and is might look, the fact is that this short, is making impact in crime prevention.

Here you can see another.


Making fun of Microsoft Surface!

23 06 2007

“Your next computer will be a big ass table.”

“ok, this rocks”

9 06 2007


You are not going to see me say good things about microsoft very often, but, i like to be fair in life, and this is one of those cases in wich i have to put my head down and say (not very loud) “ok, this rocks”.

The fact is that “microsoft live lab” just bought a project called photosynth that takes pictures from all over the internet (like flickr for example) and somehow, relate them with each other and so create some kind of 3D map in wich, you jump from one image to the other and is kinda like if you where there, taking pictures.

But let’s see at the official explanation, right from

The Photosynth Technology Preview is a taste of the newest – and, we hope, most exciting – way to view photos on a computer. Our software takes a large collection of photos of a place or an object, analyzes them for similarities, and then displays the photos in a reconstructed three-dimensional space, showing you how each one relates to the next.

In our collections, you can access gigabytes of photos in seconds, view a scene from nearly any angle, find similar photos with a single click, and zoom in to make the smallest detail as big as your monitor.”

Comment: The only thing i don’t agree is the “nearly any angle because let’s say dozens of angles, but not “nearly any” because people like me, that sometimes want a exact and precise angle, can’t have it. [yes i had to complain about something] but anyways, yes it is an amazing new way to view photos on a computer.

Here’s a video about it and other interesting new proyects about viewing photos: